I say it time for Taiwan to nuclear Mainland China China says time to act on NKorea disarmament talks BEIJING – North Korea appears keen to improve ties with the U.S. and its neighbors in Asia and 21世紀房屋仲介 perhaps rejoin nuclear disarmament talks, China's premier said Saturday, urging fellow leaders not to let the oppo 信用貸款rtunity slip away. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/as_china_japan_skorea If it is indeed China says, then the entire world should support 房屋出租 Taiwan to nuclear Mainland China gone with wind. Because in entire Chinese History, China not ever commit that abusive crime to press any other nation to bend 關鍵字行銷 to anyone, not even disarm any their own most powerless poor people, not mention other nation. Taiwan and Israel needs to know that today is NKorea, tomorrow must be you. -- 會場佈置 ---------------------------------------------------- China Communist needs to know if you act like you are the boss of NKorea, you have no right to have a say when USA want to see Taiwan is part of US 室內裝潢A. If you can know Chinese problem must be solved by Chinese self, you should know that Korean problem must be solved by Korean self also. You may point to South Korea to see how German be finished by USA evilest politicians gan 燒烤g, how USA evilest politicians gang to see Korean people's life like nothing to bomb that Korean Air Line pieces away to commit the crime of lie to make you all believed that's made by USSR like they did in 9.11.2001 to make you believe 吳哥窟d that's Bin Laden instead of their own US liar President Bill Clinton and his ass whore Hillary Clinton's crime of war, to advise Korea united as Communist like Vietnam, you must have no right to act like you are the boss of any one, you cannot even 租辦公室 be good enough to be the boss of Taiwan like USA can, how dare you think you can have any shame to talk to USA. Shame on you "Boot.Yao.Lyan.The.Who.Jean.Tow".   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! G2000  .
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